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Christmas 2008; Did I Get it!?

AppleTV, you know you cant resist!

AppleTV, you know you can't resist!

Way back when I forst started blogging (January 2008) I wrote a post called ‘All I Want (For Christmas)’ where I outlined a few desires for the end of the year, to sum it up I wanted:

  • On demand television that works
  • Decentralised social networking
  • No more Mickey Mouse Wifi services

So did I get what I want? Well, sort of. Firstly on demand television; Virgin, Sky and BT all offer these services from their own libraries but for me there are now two contenders that are really starting to make some headway. The iTunes has finally brought DVD Rental to the UK which pleases me but more importantly a XMCC based Boxee has emerged to become an all singing, all dancing, all platform multi-media centre. Based on the Xbox Media Control Centre (for hacked first gen XBoxes) Boxee incorporates the usual local netoworked media but also fires out to popoular social media packages such as, vimeo, YouTube etc. It also comes with a rich social layer of recommendaions and watch lists enabling you to check out what your friends are watching or listening to and reccommend something they might like. Best yet, it works as a menu item on an AppleTV! I’m off to the shops…

Secondly, decentralised social networking; what a downer… Facebook is still at large with it’s password antipattern and numerous annoying applications. However there have been a few gleaming lights this year namely in the shape of Twitter, possibly the most talked about application of 2008, since it looked sure-fire to go under at the start of the year. Using Twitter as a ‘data on-ramp’ (Courtesy of JayFresh) I use services such as Dopplr to publish my location, travel plans and numerous hints on life… I’m loving it.

Finally proper WiFi… this one is a bit of a misnomer since 3G was around last year, however this year it’s really taken off. Laptops are coming packed with an unlocked 3G SIM deep inside (Toshiba are doing this) and if you haven’t got one of those then a USB dongle can provide the rest. It would appear that there is no need to free up the Analog spectrum for WiFi, but it would have been a good corporate ploy for any telecommunications firm with no mobile arm *cough*.

So, with the year firmly behind us what do I want for Christmas 2009!?